ACADEMIA// BTES Presentation: Des Moines, Iowa

Building Technology Educators Society Poetics + Pragmatism Conference

Kirk, M. (2017). Qualitative Collaboration.  Proceedings: Poetics+Pragmatism. 19-26.

Qualitative Collaboration explored the design process of the Cal Poly Fall 2016 Third-year design studio: Architecture as Organism.  It demonstrated the role of biomimicry and production of form in architectural design which invited the expertise of Material Science students into the studio.  Such investigations not only exposed the students to design inputs as form-making but challenged them to question the material palettes they chose for peformance.

ACADEMIA// Post-Disaster Housing: Weed, CA

Post-disaster Housing in Weed, California

In September 2014, the Boles Fire broke out in Weed, California destroying 516 acres and 157 structures.  Great Northern Services (GNS) of Weed, California sought out the resources of Cal Poly in rebuilding workforce housing.  The 2017 IPD Studio took up the cause with Architecture, Structural Engineering and Construction Management students designing and proposing how to build panelized housing that can be built at Cal Poly and transported up to Weed to be erected on site with their local community college- bridging resources and relationships throughout the state for a great cause and an exceptional educational opportunity for our students.